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Christof Hagen
FAA Flight Instructor, CFI, CFII. MEII
Cert. No. 602054488
Buckstrasse 4
8236 Büttenhardt
044 450 56 50

060 Navigation

010 Luftrecht

020 Aircraft General Knowledge

030 Flugplanung

040 Menschl. Leistungsverm.

050 Meteo

060 Navigation

070 Operational Procedure
080 Aerodynamik
090 Communication





Shoreline effect:
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 This effect results from the refraction of the radio waves when propagating above different agents as water and land. Due to the different conductivity of the two agents the velocity of propagation is changing. The direction and amount of the error is determined by the angle between radio beam and coastline, topography of the coastline, distance between receiver, point of refraction and the altitude ( the higher , the smaller is error ).